Some Good news!!

Je las het al op The Guardian, maar onderstaand straf nieuws kregen we enkele dagen geleden in de mailbox.

Dear All,

Some of you have requested more good news, and here it is!

All the best,
Anne Gornall, Governance Officer, Oxfam GB

Dear colleagues,

Oxfam has just achieved something HUGE. Parliament yesterday passed a law guaranteeing the UK will spend 0.7% of national income on life-saving aid.

This historic new law follows decades of tireless campaigning, working in a hugely successful coalition with like-minded organisations. We campaigned alongside Nelson Mandela for ‘Make Poverty History’, we kept pushing hard through the ‘IF’ campaign and celebrated when the UK hit its 0.7 spending target for the first time in 2013; and more recently we turned up the pressure to turn the target into law through ‘Turn Up Save Lives’.

We pushed MPs and Peers across parties to support the Aid Bill and, crucially, we made sure they turned up and actually voted for it. Now this fantastic achievement takes Britain’s aid promise and locks it into law.

Long term support

This bill means guaranteed, long-term support for poorer countries, helping countless people hit by poverty, conflict and disasters. It means they can invest in life-saving healthcare, education and jobs. And it helps the UK keep leading the way in responding to disasters like Ebola and the Syria crisis.

Spread the word

A huge achievement like this just shows what Oxfam can do when we campaign hard. So we’re spreading the word far and wide – emailing our entire supporter base, putting the good news on our website and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to know more and see the media coverage we’ve secured, check out this news story for staff.

I feel so proud of Oxfam today – thank you for any support you’ve given to this amazing campaign, and please tell the world all about it!

Francoise Vanni

Director of Campaigns, Policy and Influencing

*This email has been sent to UK-based Oxfam GB staff


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