¿ Lidl’s Colombian Rainforest Alliance bananas not audited ?

LATEST UPDATE: 11.04.2016
I didn’t get an official response from Rainforest Alliance.
I did get an answer from Lidl Belgium though.

Dear Mr. Schepers,
We can guarantee you that the certificate of our Rainforest Alliance bananas is still valid.
The re-audit will take place on the already scheduled date.
Bénédicte Heyneman
Lidl Customer Service

The documentary “Le business du commerce équitable / Der faire Handel auf dem Prüfstand” by Donatien Lemaître, featured on the French and German ARTEplus7 on August 6, 2013 (rebroadcast July 15 2014), posed a number of questions regarding the benefits of Rainforest Alliance certification.

This was the official response of Rainforest Alliance to the documentary. It’s no longer online. Which is a pity, because it gives an insight into how farm audits are done by Rainforest Alliance. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Watch the broadcast of ARTEPLUS7 “Le Business du commerce équitable”.



Retailers move to “sustainable sourcing” of their bananas through the use of certification. Rainforest Alliance – a scheme that started life as a set of purely environmental standards – gives cause for concern, when it comes to securing compliance with labour standards for plantation workers, as I summarised here.

Luc Hellebuyck, International Agri-Business Consultant for Sohe Cvba and ex manager Bananic International nv, did some remarkable tweets yesterday.
To be continued.


I asked Lidl Belgium about all this, but their answers are most confusing. They claim to control their supply chains themselves. That’s hard to believe, but then…

I also did send a tweet to @SAN_Standards / RAS and got the first ‘answers‘:

1/ On whether Lidl’s Rainforest Alliance bananas are backed by audits:

2/ On allegations “Rainforest Alliance certification to benefit retailers, not workers“:

Replies by connaisseur Luc Hellebuyck:

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