“the FAIRTRADE Mark should never have been allowed to enter the world of the multinationals” – Eve Broadis

This post by Eve Broadis – Director, Fair Trade Scotland Ltd – is to give both the ‘uninformed’ consumer and the ‘insiders’ an insight into the problems facing Fair Trade companies who now struggle to compete with the ruthlessness of big corporations that will always operate on bottom pricing when sourcing sugar.

Multinationals want the whole FAIRTRADE Mark market and consumers believe this is the way to go.
Consumers have very little knowledge of the sugar industry and are led to believe that the multi-nationals have bought wholeheartedly into the FAIRTRADE Mark, and the FT premium will solve the problem and keep everyone happy.
Having been involved for several years on the periphery of the industry, we knew what was coming.

Read Eve’s engaging Facebook post.

further reading: “Mass Balancing vs Producer Story? by Eve Broadis

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