update Debate “Living Income for Fair Chocolate?”@ UHasselt 5th may 2021

update Debate “Living Income for Fair Chocolate?”@ UHasselt 5th may 2021

Al 199 inschrijvingen and counting… >> https://www.mo.be/debate-living-income-fair-chocolate

Register via this link. We will send you the Zoom link leading up to the date of the debate. Register before April 22nd 11:59 PM and receive a finger licking treat!

Wie zich al inschreef ontving gisteren dit verrassingspakketje met de post:


Ik deel bij deze ook graag nog twee items, ter voorbereiding op het debat.

>> dit korte, nieuwe filmpje van de auteurs van de Cacaobarometer

>> The study “No silver bullets”, carried out by Wageningen University and Research with Cocoa Life, Mondelez’s cocoa sustainability programme, presents insights to contribute to the discussion on Living Income for farmers. The authors estimate that a $10 billion US income gap currently exists for cocoa farmers and that while a living income should a key component of ongoing sustainability strategies, it should be part of broader interventions. The study concludes that to tackle farmer poverty a more holistic approach is needed and that this must include multiple stakeholders, including governments. A landscape-based approach is presented as one possible solution.

Read “No silver bullets: Closing the $10 billion income gap in cocoa calls for cross-sector action

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